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We provide the best consulting related services to growth your business.

Multi Chat

A centralized chat platform, an all-in-one chat platform, for easier management, faster response time and closing sales in no time.

Smart Scan

Scan from your mobile and to generate Carrier Manifest for you to check your confirmed parcel on mobile.

Accounting Integrator

Help the online seller to send their invoices to accounting system. User can send their invoices to the accounting software for audit.

Our Value Customers

Mono & Co
Mono & Co
Freight Mark
Freight Mark
Sean Chew

"Hi fellow dealers, we didn't expect at this pandemic, ecommerce businesses became a hit, and Payrecon becomes so in demand, I hope that you have successfully grabbed some opportunity(businesses) out of it, if you still haven't started, you might need to act faster, let me take this opportunity to thank all my teammates and partners, for your effort and time. Let us excel together!"


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